Juno treats drivers better, drivers treat you better.

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The socially responsible way to ride

We built Juno around the belief that when people are treated better, they provide better service. Happy drivers, happy riders.

  • Only the Best

    Juno only accepts the highest-rated drivers.

  • Introductory Discount

    Fair pricing and a 30% discount for your first two weeks.

  • In-app Tipping

    Tip your driver for 5‑star service.

  • Here For You

    Live 24/7 phone, email, and text support.

A fair approach to ride sharing

Juno is committed to paying drivers more. So you know your dollars are going to the right place—your driver!

Wade 4.9
DRIVING IN New York or New Jersey?

If you own a TLC license in NYC or drive in New Jersey and have a great rating, we’d love to have you on board.

Driving elsewhere in the US? Stay tuned for updates
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